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Kuroyume is a visual kei group formed in Nagoya in May 1991.

In the late 1980s, Kiyoharu and Hitoki decided to leave the Garnet group to set up theirs. Joined by Masaru (former Oblivion Dust), quickly replaced by Shin, they form Kuroyume (black dream in French).

Their first indies album ikieta chuuzetsuji was released in 1992. This is only a CD version of one of their demo tape, followed in 1993 by nakigara o. The energy deployed by the group in the live house and the success of their indie albums> signed them in 1994 with Toshiba EMI to release their first album major: mayoeru yuritachi. The atmosphere of this first album is very rock with a gothic general atmosphere, except for their single for dear, which is rather pop. In the same year, their second major album is already released: Cruel, still as dark but with a little more punk sound.

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