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Kylesa is an American heavy metal band from Savannah, Georgia, evolving between sludge, crust punk and psychedelia. Since the album Time Will Fuse its Worth , the group is also famous because of its two drummers.

The group was formed in 2001 with Cobra Kai and The Mugshots, and is inspired by the Buddhist term "kilesa mara" , denoting a delusional psychic state>. Guitarist and singer Phillip Cope, bassist Brian Duke and drummer Christian Depken are former members of sludge metal band Damad, author of two albums in the 1990s. Philip Cope is described as the "Founding father of the metal scene" of Savannah>. He started hardcore punk bands in the late 1980s, and since 1992 has collaborated with bands like Buzzov • en and Neurosis>. Between 1993 and 2001, Cope plays in the group Damad. Pat Mathis of the Passive Fist label says that Damascus "has established a well-anchored sound - all over the heavy scene." Damad change their name to Kylesa in 2001 and hire Laura Pleasants>.

Kylesa signs with the independent metal label Prosthetic Records and releases his second album, in "> To Walk a Middle Course , in 2005 alongside drummer Brandon Baltzley . After the release of the album, Baltzley leaves the band, and is replaced by two other drummers, Jeff Porter and Carl McGinley. Kylesa's third album, Time Will Fuse Its Worth , was released during Halloween in 2006. Eric Hernandez replaces Porter and participates in Static Tensions , marketed in 2009>. Two songs from this album are inspired by the assassination of Jason Statts, a Savannah member. They participate in a tour with Mastodon after the release of the album.

The editor David Peisner of Spin describes them as "dark psych-metal titans" , practicing a "aggressive, but with a little touch stoner reminiscent of Black Sabbath, Black Flag, and Pink Floyd in their infancy>. » In 2010, the group lists 75,000 albums sold>. The same year, they signed with Season of Mist for the release of their album Spiral Shadow on October 26th>. A compilation entitled From the Vaults, Vol. 1 appears the same year>.

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