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Kyuss Kyuss is an American rock band from Palm Desert, California. This is one of the most famous groups of the stoner rock scene. Founded in 1987, it initially consists of Josh Man on guitar, John Garcia on vocals, Brant Bjork on drums, and Chris Cockrell on bass. After the release of an EP under the name of Sons of Kyuss in 1990, the group shortens its name in Kyuss, and hires Nick Oliveri. After five years, the group lists four studio albums, and a last split EP in 1997 under the name of Kyuss. After their separation in 1996, the various members will embark on various projects, Josh Man will form the Queens of the Stone Age, John Garcia Unida and Brant Bjork will join Fu Manchu.

In November 2010, three former members of the group (except Man) meet for a tour under the name Kyuss Lives !, with, at this time, an idea for a new album. A lawsuit by Man leads to the separation of the group in 2012>; five months later, Garcia and Bjork are now banned from appearing as Kyuss Lives! Therefore, they change their name for Vista Chino.

It was in Palm Desert, California, that John Garcia, Josh Homme and Brant Bjork, who had known each other since school, formed in 1987 the Katzenjammer group (hangover), which they renamed in 1989 Sons of Kyuss d after the name of a creature from the Dungeons and Dragons role-playing game. The group occurs mostly in southern California, often at desert parties, called "generator parts" because of the use of generating sets for powering the instruments. Josh Homme is known for playing electric guitar through a bass amplifier to create a deeper sound. In 1990, the band released Sons of Kyuss , an EP with Chris Cockrell on bass, then shortened his name to Kyuss. The band, this time with Nick Oliveri on bass, released their first album Wretch in 1991 on Dali Records. However, sales are low despite the growing reputation of the group's concerts.

Their second album, Blues for the Red Sun , is produced by Chris Goss. Acclaimed by the critics, this album brings to the group its cult status. Oliveri leaves the band and is replaced by Scott Reeder at the release of the album. Kyuss is lucky to be helped by Nirvana, and especially by drummer Dave Grohl. They allow them to have a spot on the 1993 Metallica tour. The group will be signing on Elektra Records to release Welcome to Sky Valley on June 28, 1994, once again acclaimed by critics >>>.

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