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La renga

La Renga is an Argentine hard rock band from Buenos Aires. He is, with Catupecu Machu, Divididos, and of course Soda Stereo, one of the best Argentine rock bands (nicknamed in Argentina El Rock Nacional).

The group emerged in 1988 in the district of Mataderos, Buenos Aires. Gustavo "Chizzo" Nápoli, Raúl "Locura" Dilelio, Jorge "Tanque" Iglesias, and Gabriel "Head" Iglesias, will be officially called La Renga at the end of the year. The Renga is originally a group of covers playing songs from local bands like Creedence, Vox Dei, and Manal.

Esquivando charcos, the first album of La Renga, is published in 1991, and involves the first official formation of the group that includes Chizzo, Locura, Tete and Tanque. Chiflo will join them later on the trumpet. The album is recorded in two different locations, seven of the nine songs are recorded in a studio, and the two remaining songs (La Nave del Olvido and Blues de Bolivia) in their rehearsal room. At first, the album is published in a thousand copies. It was reissued in 1998 by the PolyGram label.

As a result of personal differences, Locura decides to leave the group. In spite of searches without result, the group keeps Chizzo as only guitarist during a time. Subsequently, Gabriel "Chiflo" Sánchez joins them, and plays for the first time with the band in 1989 on some songs. He is invited again in 1991 for the album Esquivando charcos. At this time, he officially joined the group. The group publishes in 1993 its second independent album, A donde me lleva la vida ....

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