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Less than jake Less Than Jake is an American ska punk band from Gainesville, Florida. Formed in 1992, the band includes Chris DeMakes (vocals, guitar), Roger Lima (vocals, bass), Vinnie Fiorello (drums, lyrics), Buddy Schaub (trombone) and Peter "JR" < / span> Wasilewski (saxophone). The band released its first album, Pezcore, in 1995, followed by a series of independent singles. The next two albums, Losing Streak (1996) and Hello Rockview (1998), are released on the Capitol Records label, popularizing them significantly. The group's fifth album, Anthem (2003), is the best-selling to date, and includes the singles She's Gonna Break Soon and The Science of Selling Yourself Short.

In 2008, the band released their own label, Sleep It Off Records, and released their seventh album, GNV FLA. The group will then announce its preference for EPs, and independently publishes Greetings from Less Than Jake (2011) and Seasons Greetings from Less Than Jake (2012). At the end of 2012, mixes his two albums to make a compilation, Greetings and Greetings (2012). Their eighth studio album, See the Light, will be released on November 12, 2013. They will be releasing a new EP, Sound the Alarm for 2017, to Pure Noise Records.

Before Less Than Jake, singer and guitarist Chris DeMakes, drummer Vinnie Fiorello, and bassist Shaun Grief led another local band called Good Grief while studying in Port Charlotte, Florida. Good Grief separates after the departure of DeMakes for the University of Florida. On July 13, 1992, Less Than Jake is formed. Grief moves to New York (he will return later as the band's roadie), DeMakes and Fiorello start writing songs every weekend before Fiorello joins DeMakes at the University of Florida.

In 1993, the group recruits its first female copper player, Jessica Mills, and publishes her first 7 ", Smoke Spot, and shortly thereafter, they are joined by Buddy Schaub in the trombone, and they release their first EP, Better Class of Losers. compilations, and publish several vinyls that will appear in the compilation Losers, Kings, and Things We Do not Understand (1995), before Mike Park agrees to publish their first album, Pezcore, to the label Dill Records. Skembin 'Pickle, who is already in the US with Schaub in June 1995, is a temporary replacement for the band with saxophonist Derron Nuhfer, and Derron becomes a permanent member in August 1995.

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