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Life of Agony is an American alternative metal band from Brooklyn, New York. He was trained in 1989 by Mina Caputo, Alan Robert and Joey Z. Sal Abruscato, former drummer of Type O Negative, joined them shortly before the recording of the first album River Runs Red in 1993. In 1995 released the second album, Ugly. Shortly after the tour that followed its release, Sal Abruscato left the band. He will be replaced by Dan Richardson, ex-Pro-Pain. In 1997, release of Soul Searching Sun and departure of Mina Caputo, replaced by Whitfield Crane, ex-Ugly Kid Joe who will tour with the band as than singer. In 1999, the group split up.

In 2003, the band reformed in its original composition to give some concerts. In 2005, he recorded his fourth album, Broken Valley and went on tour. In July 2011, Mina Caputo, known so far by her male birth name, Keith, announces she is transgender and wants to transition to fully live out her gender identity.

The band was formed in the summer of 1989 by singer Mina Caputo, bassist Alan Robert, and guitarist Joey Z. After playing with several drummers, they recruited the type O Negative drummer Sal Abruscato before recording their first album River Runs Red , published in 1993, after signing to the Roadrunner Records label. River Runs Red is followed by the 1995 album, but drummer Abruscato leaves Life of Agony after the promotional tour of the album. He will be replaced by Dan Richardson (ex-Pro-Pain and ex-Crumbsuckers).

The singer Caputo leaves the band after the release of Soul Searching Sun in 1997. She explains that the musical direction of Life of Agony suited him more. The group then toured with former Ugly Kid singer Joe Whitfield Crane and then returned to the studio, returning Whitfield Crane. They have Alan Robert take the roles of singer and guitarist and recruit former bassist Stuck Mojo, Corey Lowery, but decided not to continue under the name Life of Agony without Caputo. In 1999, they separate. Alan Robert forms Among Thieves with former members of Biohazard and the rest of the group forms Stereomud with Erik Rogers on vocals.

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