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Lifelover is a Swedish depressive Black metal band, formed in 2005 by Jonas Bergqvist and Kim Carlsson. During its existence, the band mixes several musical genres including black metal, post-punk, dark ambient, doom metal and gothic rock, among others. After B's death in September 2011, the group announces its separation.

Lifelover is formed in June 2005 in Stockholm by Jonas "B" Bergqvist and Kim "()" Carlsson. A demo titled Promo 2005 is recorded the same month, but never officially released and was composed by Carlsson and B on guitar. After this recording, Pulver was released in April 2006. LR and 1853 singers and lyricists were recruited by the group at the same time, and the album was completed in May 2006 and released by Goatowarex in July 2006.

The band's second album, Erotik , was released on February 24, 2007 by Total Holocaust Records>; guitarist H. joins the group at this time. At the end of 2007, Lifelover signs a contract with Avantgarde Music and recruits two new members, Fix on bass and S. on drums for upcoming shows. LR leaves the band in April 2008. Lifelover plays his first concert in Stockholm in September 2008 and publishes his third studio album, Konkurs , distributed by Avantgarde on next month.

Osmose Productions reissues Pulver and Erotik in CD format in 2009, Erotik on January 21, 2009>, and Pulver on May 7 . The 1853 member and the live drummer S. leave the group in May 2009. Lifelover then releases a mini-album, Dekadens, in July 2009 (at Osmose Productions), the first and only Lifelover album containing the real drums that will be played by the new group member, No. In February 2011, their fourth studio album, lang = "se"> Sjukdom , is published on the Prophecy Productions label. Drummer No leaves the band at this time, and is replaced by LR and 1853 for the album.

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