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Liva is a Canadian heavy metal band from Sherbrooke, Quebec. He is distinguished by his mix of heavy metal and classical music, as well as his lyrics in Latin.

Liva was formed in 1997 in Sherbrooke, Quebec>. The group is distinguished by its mix of heavy metal, classical music and opera >>>.

In 2000, the group performed a concert alongside Voivod on their North American tour>. In 2001, Liva produced his first demo, eponymous, which contains only four songs and whose goal is to introduce the group to record companies. More than 700 copies of this album are sold. In 2002, their first studio album, Requiem, is released. This is a heavy metal oriented requiem composed by Pier Carlo Liva>. The album is written entirely in Latin, and contains elements of black metal, power metal, death metal, and thrash metal >>>. On September 6, 2003, Liva performed the first part of the Nightwish show at the Medley in Montreal.

On June 2, 2007, in Sherbrooke, Liva publishes her third studio album, De Insulis. In October 2008, the group is announced at the room Le Tremplin (97 Wellington Street South) in Sherbrooke>. Drummer Sébastien Breton gives his last concert with the band on July 26, 2009.

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