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Living sacrifice Living Sacrifice is an American Christian death metal band from Little Rock, Arkansas. In 2015, the group has seven albums throughout its activity, the first three of which are signed under R.E.X. Records, with their lead singer Darren Johnson, when they were more thrash metal and death metal oriented.

Subsequently, they evolve in the first vein of metalcore with Reborn (1997) under Solid State Records, with guitarist Bruce Fitzhugh singing. In 2003 the band split up, and their label, still Solid State, produced two years later a best-of, In Memoriam . In 2008, Living Sacrifice reformed and recorded a two-part EP, entitled Death Machine . Right after, they set to work for the recording of The Infinite Order , released in 2010. In 2013 they published their new album, Ghost Thief .

Living Sacrifice is one of the first Christian metal bands. The group, whose name comes from the Bible verse "Romans 12: 1", was founded in September 1989 by Darren D.J. Johnson (bass / vocals), Bruce Fitzhugh (rhythm guitar) and Lance Garvin (drums). Later, Jason Truby joins them on the guitar. Together they recorded a demo, Not Yelding to Ungodly, which they passed on to Kurt Bachman and Joey Daub of the Believer group, who put them in contact with the R.E.X record label. Records.

In 1991, Living Sacrifice released his first album, named after the band. Registered with R.E.X. Records, the album is often compared to famous big thrash bands, especially Slayer. In 1992, the band recorded a second album, Nonexistent, with which they went from thrash metal to death metal, and D.J. experimented with a death voice. Unfortunately, members of the group say they are very disappointed with the result of the album, and consider that the responsibility goes largely to the producer. In 1994, Living Sacrifice released a third album, Inhabit , considered by many to be the heaviest of all their albums. On Inhabit , D.J. returns to a thrash vocal approach, deeper and lower than on the first album. After the bankruptcy of R.E.X. Records, the group signs with Solid State Records, to expand its audience.

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