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Loso is a Thai rock band created in 1994. Its name is a word game on hi-so, popular Thai term for high society: Lo, for Low, indicates on the contrary, the modest origin of the members of the group. Since 2001, his name has become Sek Loso .

It is one of the first Thai groups to have achieved international status. He has performed at numerous festivals, including South by Southwest in Austin and Glastonbury, and has a Western producer.

Group members :

Seksan, the son of a homeless farmer, moved to Bangkok at the age of 12 and found work at an aunt owned jewelry store. He also worked in a factory manufacturing air conditioners. In 1991, inspired by his favorite artists, such as the Guns N 'Roses and Carabao, he saved enough money to buy a cheap guitar, learned some chords and started his way on the stage in one of the Bangkok's best-known venues for live music: the Austin Pub. In just one year, and only 17 years old, the singer and guitarist led a house band, performing Thai rock, pop music, as well as Green Day, Nirvana, Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix.

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