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Louise Attack , often stylized Louise Attaque , is a French pop rock band from Paris. Formed in 1994, the group's first album, Louise Attack, released in April 1997, sold 2.8 million copies. Many of the group's albums were produced by Gordon Gano, the singer of Violent Femmes, a group that inspired Louise. On August 17, 2015, ten years after their last album, the group announces on social networks his return.

At first, only Gaëtan Roussel and Robin Feix met at the Forest High School in Montargis. Soon Alexandre Margraff joined them with his drums to form the Caravaggio rock band (name given in tribute to the Italian painter Caravaggio), with David Antoniw on the lead guitar. The success is not immediate: the tape recorded in the cellar of Alexander sells to eight copies, six to the family. They then scour the bars, party halls and rural homes for four years. Then David leaves them, trades his guitar against a mixer and becomes their sound engineer. The other three then launch an ad in their rehearsal studio to find a violinist. Arnaud Samuel (born February 6, 1964)>, introduces himself and thus begins in the group.

The group is thus formed, completed by Arnaud Samuel, in 1994>, in Paris>. The group has long muddled the trail of the origin of its name by joking about the fact that the name Louise was referring to Louise Michel, anarchist of the XIX century. In reality, this is not the case, as confirmed by bassist Robin in a February 2016 interview. The band's name refers only to Violent Femmes, an American rock band whose members of Louise Attaque are fans. The name Louise Attaque sounded good in French ... The leader of Violent Women, Gordon Gano, is their producer. Robin, who has a master's degree in visual arts, is in charge of graphic design. Marc Thonon, boss of the Atmospheric label, discovers them and gives them a chance in his recent "artist's house". The Life Live in the Bar association allows them to shoot>.

Their first album Louise Attaque was released in 1997, and sold 2.8 million copies >>>, a record for a known or unknown French band>. This album is the fifth best selling album of all time in France and the best selling in the history of French rock. Louise attack is initially a stage group, completely shunned by the radios. They provide evidence that a band can be successful in touring and word-of-mouth, and finding a wide audience, outside the canons of the media. Their tour of 1998 remains in the annals of French rock and is even immortalized in a film, Spit your wishes.

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