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Ludwig von 88

Ludwig von 88 is a French rock and rock band. Affiliated with the French alternative rock scene, they were very popular in the 1980s and 1990s >>>. The group was originally active between 1983 and 2001. It reformed more than fifteen years later, in 2016.

The group was formed in 1983 by Laurent Manet and Olivier "Olaf" Felingstone>, respectively bassist and guitarist. Soon, they are joined by Fabrice Barthelon singing and Laurent Porthes, second guitar. The band performs mainly in Paris squats, such as Pali-Kao or "the factory" of Montreuil, in Seine-Saint-Denis.

In 1984, arrive Karim Berrouka on vocals and Bruno Garcia (future Sergent Garcia) who replaces Laurent Porthes on guitar. The band performs with two singers, two guitarists and a bass player but without a drummer. Like many bands of the time (Urban Metal, Black Bérurier ...), Ludwig von 88 uses a drum machine. Olaf decides to leave the band and the band now stabilizes around Karim and Fabrice on vocals, Bruno on guitar and Laurent on bass. Jean-Michel "Jean-Mi" Rossignol who also officiates in Bérurier Noir, deals with machines (drum machines). Ludwig von 88 is characterized by his songs mixing both poetic humor, corrosive and cynical texts about society and a childlike spirit. Unlike Berber Black, Ludwig von 88 plays the card of humor and derision. Their stage performances are decidedly festive and theatrical, with disguises and covers of crazy songs.

In 1986, Ludwig von 88 released his first album, Houla la !, followed in 1987 by Houlala II "The Mission". According to Karim Berrouka, the two records were recorded in complete freedom, in a spirit of delirium, provocation and exploration. The group approaches with humor and irony, subjects such as war (Lebanese steep), drugs (The Magic Roundabout, Kaliman ...) and mocks some personalities (Louison Bobet for Ever), hippies (We are babas) or even punks (Iroquois with green hair). They push the humor to record a title called Carpe song ... where you hear 2 minutes 21 of silence. In 1988, Fabrice and Laurent leave the group. François Gondry (Gondrax) took over the role of bassist until 1990, and participated in EP 45-rounds, Sprint, LSD for Ethiopia and New Orleans. Charlu Ombre of the Nuclear Device, resumed the bass in 1990, when François Gondry joined Raymonde and Blancbouts. François Gondry will later create Le Goéland, a company selling slogan t-shirts. In the 2010s, the sons of François Gondry, Pierre and Jules, embark on rap and clips under the names Biffty and Julius respectively.

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