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Luis alberto spinetta

Luis Alberto Spinetta is a singer, guitarist and composer of Argentine rock born on January 23, 1950 in Buenos Aires and died February 8, 2012> in the same city. Considered one of the founders of Argentine rock, Spinetta is a very original artist who is characterized by his complex and deep compositions, without commercial purpose. Spinetta's music is different from traditional rock, especially with respect to harmony. As for words, the influence of surrealism is very important.

He started his career in 1968, with Almendra, who released his first album in 1969. Instead of copying foreign rock, Spinetta and Almendra had an original style, where poetry, rock, ballads and music were mixed. musical experimentation. After the release of the second album, the group takes a long break, until 1980.

In 1972, after having released, for contractual reasons, his first solo album (Spinettalandia y sus amigos), Spinetta created Pescado rabioso. The style of this band, influenced by English Hard Rock, was harder than Almendra's. The second album of the group, Pescado 2 is considered as one of the reference works of Argentine rock of the 1970s. This double disc had an interesting mix of musical styles and a very original graphic presentation (indeed, the vinyl edition of Pescado 2 is highly rated by record collectors).

The band members split after Pescado 2, but its founder, and also the author of most of the songs, was Spinetta. He therefore decided to continue alone, as the only survivor of Pescado rabioso. He released in 1973 Artaud, the third and last album of the Pescado Rabioso, in tribute to Antonin Artaud, a poet much admired by Spinetta. The album was very different from the previous records of Pescado Rabioso. It was an intimate and more acoustic record.

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