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Lux occulta

Lux Occulta is a Polish black metal band from Dukla. Formed in late 1994, the band's musical style is strongly inspired by progressive metal.

Lux Occulta is officially formed at the end of 1994>, when guitarists Peter and G'Ames, former members of Blaspherion, propose to Jaro.Slav, then singer of Haemhorrhage, to join their new project>. Jackie and Aemil join the group respectively as bassist and drummer. They are followed a few weeks later by keyboardist U'reck, completing the training. The name of the group means "hidden light" in Latin >>>.

In 1996, after the recording of the group's first studio album, Forever Alone, Immortal, Kriss came to replace Aemil on drums. The new team returns to the studio to record their second album of Lux Occulta, Dionysos, which follows in 1997. Then G'Ames and Jackie left the group in 1998, after the release of Major Arcana. They were replaced by guitarist Vogg and bassist Martin, also members of another Polish death metal band, Decapitated. After this second reshuffle, Lux Occulta followed the recording sessions to finally release My Guardian Anger, published in 1999>.

During the second half of 1999, the group's creativity was disrupted by two accidents. While Kriss had recently suffered a broken arm - causing his doctors to ask questions about the possibility of him being able to continue playing the drums - U'reck breaks his leg. Thus, the band was forced to cancel their tours for several months pending the recovery of its members.

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