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Łzy is a Polish pop rock band from Pszów. Formed in 1996, the members of the group are all from the Powiaty (districts) of Racibórz and Wodzisław Śląski, in Silesian Voivodeship.

The group is formed in 1996 in Pszów>. Although the group did not officially live until 1996, its members recorded a first tape demo in 1992 under the name Przeciw Przemocy (Against Violence).

Their first official album, Słońce (The Sun), was released in 1998 in Poland. The group will eventually release six albums including a best-of. Become one of the most popular bands in Poland, Łzy has given nearly 300 concerts and received several musical awards in this country. The most popular songs of the band are Oczy szeroko zamknięte, Agnieszka, Narcyz, Gdybyś był and Aniele mój.

In 2005 released the album Historie, których nie było. The single Przepraszam cię is played at the 2005 Sopot Festival. Then comes their best-of The Best of 1996-2006, a CD / DVD which, as its title indicates, takes the best titles of the first decade. The single Gdybyś był is played at Festiwalu w Opolu.

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