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Madball is an American hardcore punk band from New York. It was formed in the late 1980s. The band has a total of ten studio albums, the last being For the cause, in 2018.

The name of Madball is inseparable from that of Freddy Cricien. The youngest brother of Roger Miret, singer of Agnostic Front, he falls from his earliest childhood into the hardcore pot and makes his debut on the stage when his brother invites him to sing on the stage of the CBGB New York while he is only seven years old. His future is already laid out.

Freddy Cricien gave his first concert at Madball in 1988. At that time, the group consisting of Vinnie Stigma (guitar), Roger Miret (bass), and Will Sheppler (drums), takes songs from Agnostic Front that the latter plays very little on stage (Discriminate Me, United Blood, Last Warning). A year later, in 1989, Madball released his first production, Ball of Destruction, an EP made up of Agnostic Front junk and personal compositions that will be found later on the album Set it Off. For three years, the group skyscraper around New York before laying, in 1992, a second mini album, Droppin 'Many Suckers, for which Madball is joined by Matt Henderson.

A year later, Roger Miret left the troupe, replaced by Hoya Roc, a figure in the local hard-core scene (ex-Dmize) and Freddy's old friend. Madball is quickly gaining a reputation as a stage monster that earned him Roadrunner Records (Sepultura, Machine Head, Biohazard) on which will be released three albums, Set it Off (1994), Demonstrating My Style (1996) and Look My Way (1998). Then follows a series of concerts on all continents in the company of bands such as Black Sabbath or Slayer. The culmination is reached at Dynamo Open Air Eindhoven where Madball plays in front of 120,000 people.

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