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Made of hate

Made of Hate is a Polish melodic death metal band formed in 2001. Founded by Michal Kostrzynski, the band was called Archeon ; it was not until 2007 that members of the group decided to change the name to Made of Hate.

The band's main influences are speed metal, power metal and some melodic death metal bands. This formation is little known on the international scene and therefore remains very underground. The band released only one studio album under the name of Archeon; published in 2005, it is called End of the Weakness>.

In 2007, Archeon members decided to change the band's name to Made of Hate. They also make the decision to abandon the keyboards of their compositions. There followed two studio albums, Bullet In Your Head in 2008>, and Pathogen in 2010. The main change in the last album is the fact that the vocal parts are now provided by Radek Polrolniczak (who was in charge of the rhythm guitar on old albums) and no longer by Michael Kostrzynski.

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