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Mägo de Oz is a Spanish folk metal band from Madrid. Originally called Transilvania in tribute to Iron Maiden, the band definitely adopted the name of Mägo de Oz in 1989>.

Since its creation, the band's musical style has been heterogeneous, characterized by a mix of heavy metal and traditional hard rock with other styles such as classical music, rock and roll, blues, Celtic music and music. folk. However, Celtic music is the style that particularly dominates their songs. Regarded as one of the most important Spanish heavy metal bands, the group enjoyed success in 1998 with the album La Leyenda de la Mancha, which reached the Spanish rankings with songs like Molinos de viento or Fiesta pagana, this last being included in the Finisterra concept double-album >>>>>.

The group's fame extends both nationally and internationally, especially in Latin America, where their album Gaia (2003), the first part of a conceptual trilogy, followed by the Gaia II albums: La Voz Dormida (2005) and Gaia III: Atlantia (2010), are the best received. During their stage performances, the group makes use of pirate ships, medieval cathedrals, pyrotechnics, and different visual aspects unpublished in the Spanish panorama. In 2008, they are certified diamond disc for more than one million copies sold in Spain alone >>>>>. They account for more than two million copies sold in Spain and Latin America in 2013>.

The group is initially formed in 1988, in Madrid, under the name Transilvania. The line-up is formed little by little, but the Celtic orientations appear very early, with the integration of a violin and a flute. The group is definitively adopted the name of Mägo de Oz in 1989>. In 1989, they recorded their first demo, titled "Y qué más da ?," which contains three songs with a strong urban-symphonic musical style, whose titles are Para ella, Y qué más da and Rompe las barreras>. In addition to these three songs, Mägo de Oz makes his own repertoire of bands such as Tequila, Asfalto, Topo and Iron Butterfly, with whom they are working on their first rehearsals in Fuencarral (Madrid). Txus, Juanma and Peter will move closer to the neighborhood of Virgen de Begoña to facilitate their rehearsal.

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