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Emmanuel Cabut, known as Mano Solo , born April 24, 1963 in Châlons-sur-Marne and died January 10, 2010 (at 46 years old) in Paris >, is a French singer, guitarist, draftsman and painter. Considered as an heir to the realistic song, he is also one of the "prefigurers of the new French scene" according to France 3.

Born April 24, 1963 in Châlons-sur-Marne, Mano Solo is the son of the designer Cabu (1938-2015) and Isabelle Monin (1937-2012), editor in chief of the newspaper Ecologist La Gueule open. At the age of 17, Mano Solo played in a punk band, the Chihuahua, in which he was a guitarist. In 1986, he learned of his HIV status. It was in the early 1990s, that he goes behind the microphone and interprets his lyrics. He sings frequently at the Tourtour theater with Marousse and P'tit Louis. The first album, the nude Marmaille, was released in 1993 and sold 100,000 copies in the first year.

In 1995, he created his show La Marmaille Nue, with its manager and publisher Fatiha Bendahmane >>>>> In 1995, the second album, Les Années sombre, was released, which is, as its title suggests, an album tormented and tragic texts (gold record also from the first months). The same year, he announced during a concert at Bataclan that he contracted AIDS. He also said a year earlier that "getting high is a waste of time" .

He found the following year, in 1996, part of the Chihuahuas for the album Frères Misère. The rhythms are sometimes close to the punk and the texts tackle more engaged themes than for the previous solo albums. Not widely available, this album will not meet immediate success.

In addition to his singing career, Mano Solo develops other talents. He draws and paints, especially the covers of his albums. He also writes and, with the money earned through music, he sets up his own literary publishing house, in collaboration with Fatiha Bendahmane, as part of his company La Marmaille Nue, and publishes two books: in 1995, a collection of poems, I'm here, and in 1996, a novel, Joseph in the rain. These two books are collected in a book, Joseph in the rain, novel, poems and drawings, published by the Editions du Seuil in January 2012 and augmented with texts and unpublished drawings. Finally, he will play the role of the king in Sodomites, a short film by Gaspar Noé, released in 1998.

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