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Manowar is a traditional American heavy metal band from Auburn, New York. Formed in 1980, the band is sometimes referred to as power metal, or even true metal>, in the 1980s, a term used to refer to traditional heavy metal bands that emphasize the power of their music and warrior imagery.

Joey DeMaio works as bass and pyrotechnics technician for the Black Sabbath band when Ronnie James Dio (who has just agreed to replace Ozzy Osbourne) introduces him to the guitarist of the French band Shakin 'Street who is the first part: Ross the Boss>. They quickly realize that they have the same common dream: to found the most powerful heavy metal band in the world. Once Black Sabbath on stage, they play together behind the scenes of New Castle City Hall and quickly realize that their styles are complementary. They decide to try the adventure and set up a group together. In 1980, Joey DeMaio and Ross the Boss meet Karl Kennedy. They convince him to join them as a drummer to form Manowar. Karl Kennedy remains a year in the group, time to play during a few small concerts and record a demo. A little later Eric Adams is engaged in vocals and Donny Hamzik ​​on drums to create Manowar. Karl Kennedy abandons the band and probably the world of music in 1981.

Manowar can then record his first album, Battle Hymns , which contains the title Dark Avenger >, a calm and epic composition Orson Welles lends his voice to the narration (Orson Welles does the same for the title Defender which is conserved and reworked for the album Fighting the World , in 1987). In 1983, Joey DeMaio and Ross The Boss sign their contract with their record company to show their sincere commitment to the music world and their refusal of the easy panacea, the capitalist excesses of the record industry >. The second album, Into Glory Ride , is the debut album with drummer Scott Columbus. The third album, named Hail to England , is mixed and recorded in just six days. The following year, during the tour of the fourth album "Sign of the Hammer" , Manowar is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the most noisy in the world >>>.

The following albums are Fighting the World (the first metal album to be fully recorded and mixed in digital), Kings of Metal and The Triumph of Steel whose tours devoted to him in 1992 allow the group to beat its previous record: Manowar reaches a sound pressure level between 129 and 130 decibels on stage, the equivalent of the Concorde at takeoff. Then come the albums Louder than Hell , Hell on Wheels ( live), Hell on Stage (live), and Warriors of the World < / span> (the first metal album mixed in DSD and edited in Super Audio CD format, the second being Machine Head of Deep Purple, which is a remastered reissue). Meanwhile, DeMaio is working on the creation of his own Magic Circle Music label, which was founded in 2003 to produce symphonic metal bands (eg Rhapsody of Fire).

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