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Marc antoine charpentier

Marc-Antoine Charpentier , born in Île-de-France> in 1643 and died in Paris on February 24, 1704, is a French baroque composer and singer.

He dominates the XVII French musical century by the scale of his production, by the emotional power of his compositions. He has covered all genres (see below his catalog raisonné), but he is above all a composer of vocal music for whom the expressive potentialities of the text are always at the heart of his compositions, especially those at the service of the liturgy. Marc-Antoine Charpentier is the musician of effusion and lyricism, of interiority, practicing dissonances, art of chromaticism and modulation with unparalleled audacity. Contrast music, crossed by pathos, sensuality and silences. He is the musician of all paradoxes. In his epitaph, H 474, he tells us to want to "heal, purify, sanctify the ears of men so that they can hear the sacred concert of angels! ". He also excelled in the secular domain, where he left many masterpieces.

Marc-Antoine Charpentier began his career by going to Italy (according to a legend, to study architecture), but he fell under the influence of Giacomo Carissimi, as well as other Italian composers, perhaps Domenico Mazzochi. He will remain marked by the Italian style and will be the only one with Jean-Joseph Cassanéa of Mondonville in France to approach the oratorio.

From 1670, he was a music master (composer and singer) in the service of the Duchess of Guise.

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