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Marilyn manson and the spooky kids

Marilyn Manson [ m ɛ ə ɹ ɪ l ɪ n m æ n S Ə n ] is an American heavy metal band from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, co-founded by singer Marilyn Manson and guitarist Daisy Berkowitz Originally named Marilyn Manson and The Spooky Kids , the group became popular in South Florida in the early 1990s with theatrical stage performances and in 1993 they signed to Nothing Records. Until 1996, the nickname of each member is created by mixing the name of a female sex symbol and the family name of a serial killer, such as Marilyn Monroe and Charles Manson. Many times over the albums, current members are Marilyn Manson (the only original member), guitarists Paul Wiley and Tyler Bates, keyboardist and percussionist Daniel Fox, and drummer Gil Sharone.

In the past, members disguised themselves and put on make-up to intentionally shock the audience on and off the stage. Their words often go against religion, and advocate violence and drugs; as for their stage appearances, they are frequently felt as offensives and unhealthy. On several occasions, demonstrations and petitions will prevent the group from performing on stage, and it will even be banned from certain states. They have several albums certified as Antichrist Superstar (1996) and Mechanical Animals (1998). These albums, accompanied by sometimes explicit video clips and world tours, will popularize Marilyn Manson. In 1999, the local and international press wrongly accused the group of influencing the authors of the Columbine shooting.

While this controversy spreads in the early 2000s, the popularity of the group continues to grow. Despite this event, MTV's Jon Wiederhorn sees Marilyn Manson in June 2003 as the "true group of today" . Marilyn Manson is the best known and controversial industrial metal scene.

In 1989, Brian Hugh Warner is a music journalist for the magazine "in"> 25th Parallel in Fort Lauderdale>. The week, he interviews great names in music such as Malcolm McLaren or Trent Reznor and composes some relatively successful poems. Over the weekend, he frequents underground clubs in Miami where local heavy metal bands perform, Florida having a very active music scene and being the cradle of several bands that have become famous. He meets Stephen Gregory Bier at the Kitchen Club. After a long talk atypical (they talked about different ways to end his days), Warner, very intrigued by his new friend and eager to put his poems to music, asked him to form a group. Unfortunately, Stephen is not a musician. He accepts all the same and takes long savings to afford a keyboard, usually pop instrument that Manson absolutely wanted to join the group.

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