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Massacration is a humorous Brazilian heavy metal band from Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro. The band calls itself "the best and most classic heavy metal band, the inspiration behind most of the heavy bands since 1985, whose hairy members have influenced all the heavy metal culture . During its existence, the band consisted of Detonator (vocals, Bruno Sutter), Blond Hammet (guitar, Fausto Fanti), Jimmy "The Hammer" (drums) , Felipe Torres), Headmaster (rhythm guitar, Adriano Pereira) and Metal Avenger (bass, Marco Antônio Silva).

Massacration is created in the sketch show Hermes e Renato among other fake groups like the school of samba Unidos do Caralho in Quatro, or the group Coração Melão. However, Massacration, before the great success that he knew, became a real group.

The group is played in Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro, by members of the Brazilian comedy Hermes e Renato, which airs on MTV in 2002, in a trashy horror movie clip showing a young person who bought a Massacration record on go upside down and trigger a spell that eventually turns against him. This excerpt was followed by an "exclusive interview" of the five band members and the premiere of Metal Massacre Attack. In these extracts, the spelling of the name was not the current one indicating Masacretion on the disc, and Massacrassion in the video of the interview. After the creation of the song (and clip) "Metal Massacre Attack" , the video begins to be broadcast not only in the show Hermes e Renato, but also among the other videos in rotation on MTV>. The video is so successful that the troupe has to do more songs and clips. Metal Buceting follows Metal Massacre Attack .

In 2005, they finally released their first album, Gates of Metal Fried Chicken of Death , produced by João Gordo, singer of Ratos de Porão, a band of famous Brazilian hardcore punk. The first single is called Metal is the Law . They are then asked to perform live, and appear in the festival Abril Pro Rock, and in the heavy metal festival Brasil Metal Union. The majority of the band's comedies come from the fact that members use false English (parodying the fact that many Brazilians prefer foreign music although they do not understand the lyrics), take exaggerated poses, and dress up. extravagantly. Because of the success they are getting, they now have their own show on MTV, where only heavy metal videos are shown. A rumor goes that their drummer during the concerts would be Igor Cavalera, a former member of Sepultura. Massacration actually makes the first parts of Sepultura in 2005, and Cavalera actually plays with them under the pseudonym El Covero ( "The gravedigger" in Spanish)>.

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