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Matenrou Opera ( lang = "ja"> 摩天 楼 オ ペ ラ , matenrō opera > ) is a group of Japanese visual kei symphonic metal formed in October 2006.

Matenrou Opera was formed in October 2006 as a result of the desire of Sono (vocals) and Yuu (drums), both former members of the Jeniva group, to form a new group. They will be quickly joined by You (bass), Karen (keyboard) and Mika (electric guitar). They will release in 2007 their first single, alkaloid showcase.

However, the departure of Karen and Mika is announced. They will be replaced by Ayame (keyboard) and Anzi (electric guitar). This is also the year that the group joined the Sherow Artist Society> label.

In 2008 released the first single of the band's new band, Ruriiro de egaku niji ( 瑠 璃 色 で で く く 虹 / / , egiqu niji ranchi > ) . There will be a presence on the Versailles group's European tour> as well as the release of the band's first mini-album, GILIA.

Following this release, the group will begin a tour of Japan, the GILIA tour. However, Matenrou Opera does not stop there and will release two more singles at the end of 2008, Spectacular and Last Scene.

In 2009, the group returns with a new single, acedia, but especially their first complete album, ANOMIE, whose live DVD DAWN OF ANOMY in Akasaka BLITZ will follow. The end of the year will also see the release of the single Murder Scope and a best-of, Coupling Collection 08-09.

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