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MattRach , whose real name is Mathieu Rachmajda born February 15, 1991>, is a French youtuber guitarist.

He made himself known on the Web through videos of him performing his own compositions or covers. On YouTube, its channel> has more than 100 million hits.

It is in Gommegnies, a village in northern France near Valenciennes, that Mathieu Rachmajda grew up. For Christmas, at age six, he gets his first electric guitar, a Jim Harley, which makes him want to take classes with a teacher. For nearly nine years, he studied music theory, classical guitar and electric guitar.

One day in July 2006, when he was fifteen, he reinterpreted JerryC's Canon Rock by filming himself in his bedroom, and then broadcast the video on YouTube under the pseudonym MattRach. To his surprise, it's a success.

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