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Maxx Maxx (abbreviation for Max X tasy) is a Eurodance duo from the 90s best known in Europe for the" Get-a-way "hits," No more (I can not stand It) " and "You can get it". The act was formed in Berlin, Germany in 1993 by music producer Juergen Wind (George Torpey) and music director David Brunner (The Hitman).

When the single "Get-a-way" was released in October 1993, it quickly became a Top 10 hit in Germany and became a popular hit in nightclubs across Europe. "Get-a-way" reaches the Top 5 in the United Kingdom, Austria, Sweden, the Netherlands and Top-10 in Switzerland and Norway. The single was then certified gold in Germany and silver in England. "Get-A-Way" reached a record 1.1 million sales in Europe in 1994. Rapper Gary Bokoe (Gary B.) and singer Samira Besic provided vocals for the single. For unknown reasons, Samira left the group. In the "Get-a-way" video, a dancer / model named Alice Montana mimics Samira's voice.

Singer Linda Meek joined Maxx in 1994. She has recorded vocals for the second single "No more (I can not stand it)." The song became a Top 5 hit song in 18 European countries.

In June 1994, Maxx released the album "To the maxximum". The album featured the hit song "You Can Get It" which ranked 21st in England and 13 in Finland.

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