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Mecano is a Spanish pop rock band. Formed in 1979, separated in 1995, and back in 1998, it is composed of Ana Torroja (singer) and brothers Nacho and José María Cano (guitarists and composers). The singer sings mainly in Spanish, but also in French, Italian, and English.

They have more than 25 million albums in the world (mainly in Latin countries) which is why they are nicknamed the Spanish Beatles. They are considered as a pop reference in Spain both thanks to modern themes addressed new for the time (homosexuality, drugs, social life) and by some flagship titles including Mujer Contra Mujer (A woman with a woman) taken by d ' other artists.

Note that Ana Torroja sang Children of the Moon, another version of Hijo de la luna with the French rap group Psy 4 of rhyme.

A cover of Hijo de la luna was also sung by the German symphonic metal band Haggard.

Originally from Madrid, the group chose its name with reference to the names of Nacho and Jose Maria Cano, as well as the Meccano construction game. It is a flagship group of Spanish pop, launched at the time of the movida of the 1980s. Artists of reference in Spain, the group also knew the success in Latin America and in France.

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