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Megadeth is an American metal band from Los Angeles, California, formed in 1983 by guitarist Dave Mustaine and bassist David Ellefson, shortly after Mustaine's removal from his previous band Metallica.

After the stabilization of their training in the 1990s, Megadeth released a number of platinum-certified discs, including the famous Rust in Peace which is responsible of the popularization of the group. In 2002, Megadeth was temporarily inactive following the injuries to Mustaine's left arm. However, the group returns in 2004, but without the bassist David Ellefson, at this time in conflict with Dave Mustaine. Ellefson joins the group in 2010, and stays there.

In November 2018, the group lists about 50 million albums sold worldwide.

Shortly after being dismissed as Metallica's solo guitarist in 1983, officially due to personality conflicts and alcohol and drug abuse issues, Dave Mustaine and bassist David Ellefson founded Megadeth group. The will of Dave Mustaine is simple: at all costs to overshadow his former group>.

He will also report following his eviction of Metallica: "One thing obsessed me: I wanted blood ... theirs>. They will temporarily surround themselves with guitarist Greg Handevidt and drummer Dijon Carruthers. Having found no one to sing, it is Dave who will occupy the position of singer besides being guitarist. At the end of 1983, Greg Handevidt left the group to form Kublai Khan and Dijon Carruthers was replaced by Lee Rausch. As a trio, the group will record their first demo at the beginning of 1984. Kerry King (guitarist of the band Slayer) will help the group as solo guitarist during the concerts. Later, Lee Raush will be replaced by Gar Samuelson and the band signs its first contract, at Combat Records. In December 1984, Chris Poland, a friend of Gar Samuelson, joined the group as a solo guitarist.

It is with this composition that, at the beginning of 1985, the band starts recording their very first album: Killing Is My Business ... and Business Is Good! . Half of the money spent on the production of the album was used by the band members to buy drugs, which led to the departure of their producer. The band decided to self-produce this first album, which largely explains the mediocre quality of the recording. On this album we see their mascot, Vic Rattlehead, a skeletal figure with metal caps on the eyes and ears and a mouth kept closed. Vic Rattlehead will appear on almost every album. Musically, there are sharp guitars and percussive, ultra-fast rhythms where the technique is more than present, as well as deep texts.

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