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Melody fall Melody Fall is an Italian pop punk band from Turin. The group, formed in 2003, is composed of Fabrizio Panebarco (vocals, guitar), PierAndrea Palumbo (vocals, bass), Marco Ferro (drums) and Andrea Pica (guitar).

In 2003, Fabrizio Panebarco (vocals, guitar), PierAndrea Palumbo (bass) and Marco Ferro (drums) are each in second class at a high school in Turin. They all want to play the music they love, California pop punk such as Blink-182, Sum 41, or Billy Talent, The Offspring and Green Day. So they decide to form Ducks 33. They start playing some small concerts in the first part of other groups or in their high school. After a year of concert, the group produced a demo with its own means.

Andrea Fusini, an Italian producer, notices Ducks 33 at a concert in July 2005, and decides to produce them an EP. To reproduce the sound of this EP in concert they lacked a second guitarist, Andrea Pica arrives in the group. Just before the recording of the EP, Ducks 33 changed its name to Melody Fall. This EP is released in January 2006 in Italy without any label and in Japan with Radtone Music. Two months later, Wynona Records asks Melody Fall to sign a contract with them. After all this, the group began an Italian and Japanese tour.

A year later, in 2007, the group returns with their debut album, Consider Us Gone; it's their revelation, the song My Friend's Girlfriend appears in several compilations such as Pop-punk Loves You, vol. 3 or for the French magazine Rock One. The album is released in Europe and Japan. A European tour follows with bands like Vanilla Sky or The New Story. The group is announced in France from 19 to 25 July 2007>. They are also announced at the Teatro Palladium in Rome, December 22, 2007>. The American label, Band (B &) Recordings asks Melody Fall to sign for an American tour and the release of Consider Us Gone in the United States. Some time later, the band signs with Universal Music, which cancels their contract with Wynona Records.

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