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Mercury Rev is an American rock band from Buffalo, New York.

Formed in 1989, Mercury Rev was originally composed of David Baker on vocals, Jonathan Donahue (vocals and guitar), Sean Mackowiak (aka Grasshopper) (guitar and clarinet), Suzanne Thorpe (flute), Dave Fridmann (bass) and Jimy Chambers ( drums). At first they recorded soundtracks for experimental films. The first recordings of Mercury Rev were psychedelic and experimental, close to the Flaming Lips, of which Jonathan Donahue had been a guitarist until 1991 and Dave Fridmann is the regular producer.

Despite a critical success (they were supported by John Peel) >>>>>, Mercury Rev never surpasses underground cult status. In addition, his disjointed stage performances (they were fired from Lollapalooza for excessive sound level) did not help to increase the group's popularity.

As a result of personal and musical differences, David Baker leaves the group. This changes the musical direction of the group towards a more accessible and less dark way. See You on the Other Side, the next album is a transition disc. Led by Jonathan Donahue, Mercury Rev became a more lyrical group. This is the next album, Deserter's Songs (which contains collaborations with Garth Hudson and Levon Helm of The Band), which allows them to go beyond the group status for critics >>>>>>>>>. Three singles are in the top 40 British and the NME is its album of the year 1998. All is Dream, released August 28, 2001 is 11> the top album. At the limit of grandiloquence, he understands The Dark is Rising, ranked 16> of the UK Singles Chart>.

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