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Milky chance

Milky Chance is a group of indie German folk, originally from Cassel>. Their musical style is influenced by reggae and electronic music.

The first two members of the group met at Jacob Grimm High School in Kassel. Clemens was first bassist in a jazz band known as Flown Tones, and Philipp played guitar. They collaborate in 2012 on the launch of some music online including Stolen Dance that has attracted attention. The name of the group is invented by Clemens (at the age of 14), when he began to write his own songs. One day, he gathers some names of artists who ended up forming the name of Milky Chance.

In May 2013, Milky Chance toured Germany to sell the album, and participated in a number of music festivals including the Dockville Festival in Hamburg. They embark on a European tour in 2014. In 2014, they released their self-produced first self-produced album Sadnecessary, which was well received, including Stolen Dance and Down by the River. Like the single, the album is a real success in Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland. In the United States, the album is listed as the best album by Spin magazine. In 2015, they compose the music of the film by Manuela Bastian (director) Whero to Miss?>.

In 2015, Antonio joined the group which returns at the end of 2016 with a new single Cocoon, before leaving in March 2017 their second album Blossom.

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