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Millencolin is a Swedish punk rock band from Örebro. He was trained in October 1992 by Erik Ohlsson, Mathias Färm and Nikola Sarcevic. Fredrik Larzon joined the group at the beginning of 1993. The term millencolin comes from the skateboard figure named melancholy> (also known as "sad air"). The group's albums are published by the Swedish label Burning Heart Records, except in the United States, where Millencolin's albums are published by Epitaph.

Since 2003, the group has been organizing a skateboard contest called Millencolin Open at their own skatepark in Örebro, Sweden. The members of the group say they created this contest because skateboarding is what brought them together, and because they now have the opportunity to share their city.

The original formation, which includes Sarcevic (vocals, bass), Ohlsson (guitar), and Färm (drums), publishes a first audio demo tape, Goofy, in early 1993. Shortly after, Larzon joins the group on drums, allowing Färm to take the second guitar>. In the summer of 1993, they recorded a second demo tape, Melack>. The band will send it to Burning Heart Records>, a new label founded earlier this year>. The label then puts Millencolin on trial, which will record a single CD, which will culminate at the release of Use Your Nose in November 1993>. The success of the single allows the band's signature at Burning Heart and the publication of a first album. In July 1994, the band released Skauch>, which was originally announced as a single for the new album. However, the group will opt for four times that it will publish as more like EP>.

They released their first studio album, Tiny Tunes, in 1994. It is recorded and mixed in two weeks. Judicial problems with Warner Brothers surface with regard to the cover and the title of the album, which will force the band to reissue it in 1996 under the name of Same Old Tunes. Millencolin continues to film, and in 1995, releases his second studio album, Life on a Plate. He goes out in parallel to their first tour date outside of Scandinavia. In late 1995, the American label Epitaph Records contacted the group to publish Life on a Plate on their territory, which the group accepts. They will go even further, to Japan, Australia, Brazil and Canada, as well as the Warped Tour.

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