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Minor threat

Minor Threat is an American hardcore punk band, originally from Washington, D.C .. Minor Threat is mostly popular for having founded the straight edge movement. This group marks deeply the history of punk music despite the short duration of its existence (1980-1983). However, Ian MacKaye will later refuse to consider himself the leader of the straight edge scene. Minor Threat defines the musical form that will be adopted by many hardcore punk bands of the 1980s and 1990s: they produced short songs, sometimes with astonishing speed, but always judged to be of excellent quality. Minor Threat was independent of major labels: all their CDs are released on Dischord Records, which is founded by Ian MacKaye himself. When they were still in school, Ian MacKaye and Jeff Nelson were part of the hardcore punk band DC The Teen Idles. After their separation, MacKaye decided to sing rather than play bass and created the Minor Threat band with Nelson and two young people from Georgetown Day School: bassist Brian Baker and guitarist Lyle Preslar. Their first albums, Minor Threat and In My Eyes, were released in 1981. The group became popular in the region and performed concerts on the eastern coast of the United States. Inadvertently, Straight Edge, one of the songs from their first album, inspired the movement of the same name. The song seemed to advocate abstinence from drug and alcohol use and abstinence. This speech was unusual for rock.

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