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MIYAVI ( lang = "ja"> 雅 < / span>, miyabi > , of sound true Takamasa Ishihara name ( > in Osaka, is a Japanese singer and guitarist who was originally part of the visual kei style but he has only evolved since then, and continues. Today we would classify him more in J-rock, although his style is indescribable and unique. Upon his arrival in Tokyo, he was the guitarist of the band Dué le Quartz, then the band separated and Miyavi began his solo career in 2002. Since 2008, he is also part of the Supergroup Skin only as a guitarist but this one only made a concert in Los Angeles. Although they are not officially separated, the band has been inactive since that one gig.

Miyavi, was born September 14, 1981 in Osaka, his family and he quickly moved to Hyogo prefecture. He wanted to be a professional football player but at around 15, he was injured and had to stop. After this incident, he had no purpose, he began to go wrong. One day, he took a guitar at a friend's house and started to "play", from the first notes he wanted to be a guitarist. So he bought a very cheap guitar and started to learn on his own, watching some videos on the internet. At the age of 17, one of his friends had an accident, it was there that he decided to leave, alone, in Tokyo, with for only luggage his guitar that he had found in a cheap store. This is where he will meet the members of Due Quartz.

Formerly of the band Loop, a group unknown, in June 1999 he joined as guitarist Sakito, Kikasa and Kazuki in the group Dué Quartz. He composed almost all the songs played by the band, and wrote some of the lyrics. In November of the same year released their first mini-album, Mikansei no Jekyl to Hyde, but the consecration will only come with Jisatsu Ganbou, released May 28, 2000. On August 21, 2000, the group organizes its concert at Shibuya On Air West, which he finds in February 2001 for a double concert (with Shibuya On Air East).

On May 12, 2002 released a new mini-album, Rodeo, but the group announced its separation a few weeks later (June 8), after a final concert on September 22 at Shibuya AX. Miyavi announces that he is embarking on a solo career and modifies his stage name in miyavi, taking the opportunity to change his artistic and visual style, which has become less visual kei, less Gothic and more punk (with strong tattoos and piercings).

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