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Mnemic is a Danish heavy metal band from Aalborg. The singer (Guillaume Bideau) is the only member of the group to be of French nationality.

Mnemic (an acronym for 'Mainly Neurotic Energy Modifying Instant Creation') was formed in 1998 in Aalborg, Denmark, by Mark Bai, former Mercenary guitarist Mircea Gabriel Eftemie, guitarist Rune Stigart, bassist Mikkel Larsen and the former session drummer at Invocator Brian Rasmussen. A little later, Bai leaves the group and is replaced by Michael Bogballe. The group signed on to the Nuclear Blast Records label, and produced their first album in Mechanical Spin Phenomena in 2003> with producer Tue Madsen. After recording the album, Larsen is replaced by former Grope bassist Tomas "OBeast" Koefoed.

The band tours with Disbelief, Darkane, Mystic Prophecy and Death Angel in Europe, and alongside Machine Head in Germany>

In 2004, Mnemic released his second album, The Audio Injected Soul , recorded at AntFarm Studios in Århus, Denmark, with Madsen. The album is notable for its resumption of Duran Duran's "The Wild Boys" , and is also the first in the world to be recorded in binaural. The album includes two singles that have their own music videos - "Deathbox " (directed by Patric Ulleaus), filmed at Revolver Studios in Goteborg, and Door 2.12, filmed in Berlin>.

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