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Mortician is a band of deathgrind and brutal American death metal from Yonkers, New York.

Mortician was formed in 1989 under the name of Casket>. The band's name is then changed the same year for Mortician by writing their first song, Mortician. In 1991, the group recruits Roger J. Beaujard as a new guitarist. They sign together with Relapse Records and publish EP Mortal Massacre. The drummer Matt Sicher is dismissed from the group because of his excessive use of drugs: he died in 1994. He was replaced by a drum machine until 2003. After several problem years, the group finally released his first studio album , Hacked Up for Barbecue, in 1995. In August 2003, Sam Inzerra assumed the role of drummer.

In 2005, singer Will Rahmer was apprehended and imprisoned by the Polish police after threatening a taxi driver with a knife after the group's performance at Zielona Gora on Saturday 13 November >>>. After his release from jail in January 2006, the singer explains himself via a communiqué on Myspace>.

In May 2008, the group announces the release of its first DVD>. They also announced a split CD with the Polish gore / grind band Dead Infection, but it was later canceled.

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