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Murderdolls is an American horror punk supergroup, originally from Hollywood, California. Formed in 2002 by Wednesday 13 and Joey Jordison, the band has a total of two studio albums, "Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls" (2002) and Women and Children Last (2010). It ceases its activities for the first time in 2004, before reforming in 2010, and again separating in 2011.

Formed in 1994 in Des Moines, Iowa under the name of The Rejects, the band is directed by singer Dizzy Draztik, and their music is comparable to what will happen to the Murderdolls, without the horror. The group separates when Slipknot wins a contract with Roadrunner Records>.

During the 1999 Ozzfest tour, Jordison meets Tripp Eisen, then Static-X's guitarist, and asks him if he would be interested in reforming The Rejects with Draztik. Eisen accepts and brings his friend Racci Shay to the drum station. It was then that Draztik introduced the music of Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13 to Jordison, persuading him to invite Poole to join them as a bassist. Draztik nevertheless decides to leave the group soon after, and Poole becomes the singer. Soon, its presence grows; the training is renamed the Murderdolls and will adopt an imagery and themes inspired by horror cinema.

Poole and Jordison enter the studio to record an album, sharing instrumental tasks, Eisen playing only a few guitar solos. Most of the songs are covers of the Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13, reworked with Jordison. At the end of March 2002, Eric Griffin and Ben Graves, two musicians from Boston, Massachusetts but living in Hollywood, California, join the Murderdolls after Eisen showed Jordison a video of himself playing with the duo>. The group gives its first concert on June 30, at the Epicenter Club in San Diego.

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