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My dying bride

My Dying Bride is a British doom metal band from Bradford. Alongside the groups Anathema and Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride is one of the pioneers of the genre death / doom metal. In 2014, My Dying Bride has a total of eleven studio albums, three EPs, a demo, a box set, four music compilations, a live album, and a live CD / DVD.

My Dying Bride was formed in June 1990 as a quartet in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England. After a remarkable debut for his typical death metal style (the first demo "in the"> Towards the Sinister ), the group is gradually turning to a style sometimes throbbing and terribly moving. With the release of the EP Trinity and the title to success The Thrash of Naked Limbs , the group finally establishes itself as a must of the genre.

Their first real studio album, As the Flower Withers , released May 22, 1992>, is considered> as one of their best, and it the same goes for the second, Turn Loose the Swans . This last, published in 1994, finishes to establish the notoriety of one of the "big three" of the Peaceville label (the other two being Anathema and Paradise Lost). The lyrics are very pictorial, the texts are sought after but always lulled by a certain darkness and a boundless melancholy. The guitars are gothic, death, or black the drums alternates between fast passages and very slow passages, while the voice alternates guttural singing and a sometimes heavier tone. The scenic performance is impressive, especially thanks to his very charismatic singer, fascinated by the story of Christ and Genesis, one of his main sources of inspiration. Lost love is also an essential theme on each album. Man in general and humanity are laid bare with great emotion.

The heavy rhythm is tempered by the lyricism of an electrified violin (up to the album Like Gods of the Sun , because the violinist leaves the group for Anathema), a distinctive element of the group. The pinnacle of this style is, in the opinion of the fans, marked by the album The Angel and the Dark River , released in 1995. The style of the group is imbued with an implacable sadness, but a great power too, which makes it unique. In 1996, the group wants to compose much shorter titles, the album Like Gods of the Sun marks with its sharp riffs and a musicality more " rock ", as well as its cult title For You .

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