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Necrophagist is a German technical death metal band from Gaggenau, Baden-Württemberg. The name of the group includes the roots of the Greek word νεκρο-, nekro- ( "corpse" , "death" )> and -φαγος, -phagos ( "eater" ) >>>. The name of the group can therefore literally be translated into "eater of corpses" .

Necrophagist was formed at the beginning of 1992 in Baden-Württemberg >>>.

It was with the release of his second album Epitaph in 2004 that the group began to stand out in Europe. Necrophagist is invited to major European and American festivals. Necrophagist could be summed up to his leader, Muhammed Suiçmez. It is he who signs all the compositions, with the exception of Symbiotic in Theory on the album "Epitaph" (assisted by Christian Muenzner), going to record almost all instruments on Onset of Putrefaction .

The band's drummer Hannes Grossmann decided in 2007 to leave the group, for the reason that he did not think he could cover all the tour obligations of the band. His official replacement is Marco Minnemann. In April 2008, Necrophagist announces the arrival of Romain Goulon as new drummer, replacing Minnemann, who collaborates with Suiçmez on a parallel project.

Necrophagist plays the tour Pillage the Village Tour from August 26 to September 10, 2008 with the groups Dying Fetus and Beneath the Massacre. They also play in some places with Carcass, Suffocation, 1349, and Aborted.

Also in 2008, Necrophagist starts recording a new album alongside Romain Goulon. According to rumors, the title will be either The Path to Naught , or Death to the Faithful . Suiçmez reveals that the group will make use of seven-string guitars for the album>. During the Summer Slaugter 2009, live videos of songs present on the next album could appear on online video sites, such as Dawn and Demise .

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