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Nerf herder

Nerf Herder is an American rock band from Santa Barbara, California. The pop punk band describes her style as nerd rock, because of the often juvenile or humorous themes she advocates in her songs, often full of references to popular culture or cult series or movies, such as Star Trek or Star Wars (from where she drew her name).

Nerf Herder is best known for composing the theme music of the American television series Buffy Against Vampires.

The band split briefly in 2003, the year after the release of the last of his three albums, to make a comeback in late 2005.

Nerf Herder was formed in Santa Barbara, California, in 1994 >>> by singer and guitarist Parry Gripp, drummer Steve Sherlock and bassist Charlie Dennis.

A first album titled Nerf Herder is published in 1996 on My Records, a label owned by Joey Cape, singer of Lagwagon (which has also produced the first two albums of the group), then on Arista Records. Nerf Herder gained some visibility in the United States with his song Van Halen, which is published by Artista Records >>>.

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