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Nevada tan

Panik is a German nude metal band from the suburbs of Hamburg. They take the name of Nevada Tan until January 19, 2008. It separates in 2011 and meets for a special concert 10 years in 2017.

Initially called PAN! K, the group becomes Nevada Tan in reference to a young Japanese schoolgirl who kills one of her comrades, because, according to her, too much academic pressure>. Far from paying homage to this carnage, the group wants to denounce the school pressure today in the world.

Since according to Japanese case law the name of the suspects can not be made public, the Japanese media reported the minor murderer as "Nevada tan" because she wore a sweatshirt with the print "Nevada" on the day of the murder >. "Tan" - means a small child, a Japanese word derived from "chan". "Chan" means "little" - "Nevada tan" is called "a little Nevada">. The culprit did not act coldly during the murder, but, as later examinations showed, with a "short-circuit" reaction - provoked by the extremely high school pressure and continual teasing of her schoolmates. It is also worth recalling the statement she made to her teacher directly after the murder: "I think I did something wrong. She no longer knew she had committed murder.

Mostly from Neumünster (Schleswig-Holstein, North Germany), the group was first formed by David and Timo, who had known each other since kindergarten, then Jan, Timo's classmate, and Linke , from the same city. They were then joined by Juri, from Hamburg, whom they met during a concert. Then Frank, who comes from Heidelberg (Baden-Württemberg, Southern Germany), joined them for singing.

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