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No Relax is a Spanish punk rock band. He was formed in 2004 around Joxemi guitarist Ska-P, Micky, Jony and David. The band releases in 2004 its first album Gridalo! followed by Virus Rebelión in 2006 released on the label Maldito Records, preceding the separation of Ska-P the same year. In No Relax, changes are made: Jony and David leave. Thus, Hector and Eneko replace them respectively on the bass and on the drums. In early 2008, the band released their third album Indomabile. Then, the band replaced Hector by Julio Cesar Sanchez and released in 2011 the album ANIMALibre followed by a tour.

It all started in the spring of 2003 when Ska-P and B.D.P made a joint tour in Italy and Micky (from B.D.P) and José Miguel Redín (Joxemi) (from Ska-P) met. A month later, Micky separates from his group and in a few months, they create No Relax>. In March 2004, the album Gridalo !, self-produced, comes out. They play on stage only during the free time that Ska-P offered them. The musical style of their first album is varied, ranging from punk rock to swing, reggae, street punk, oi !, hardcore punk and rock 'n' roll. The album deals with topics such as pollution and animal abuse. They play in Italy and Spain the same year.

In February 2005, Ska-P decides to separate and No Relax can finally take the time to release an album. In September 2005, the rehearsals begin for their second album Virus de Rebelión, which will be released in February 2006 in two versions: one in Italian and the other in Spanish. They then sign a contract with Maldito Records. In March 2007, they play at the Sala Fun Club of Seville. A year later, in 2008, released their third studio album, Indomabile.

In 2011, they released the album ANIMALibre, still on the label Maldito Records, which is released in Spain and Argentina, and follows a tour.

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