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Nobuo uematsu

Nobuo Uematsu ( lang = "ja"> 植 松 伸 夫 , Uematsu Nobuo > ) is a Japanese composer born March 21, 1959 in Kochi. Unanimously recognized as one of the greatest in the field of video games, especially for his work for the Final Fantasy series, he is also a member of a power metal band, The Black Mages and The Earthbound Papas

Nobuo Uematsu composed for the first time at the age of 12 in piano lessons: his idol is then Elton John. However, throughout his youth, he dreams of becoming a professional wrestler or Olympic athlete. He graduated from Kanagawa University where his father sent him to become a lawyer or doctor.

He formed his first group at 22 years, taking the place of the synthesizer, but realizes that his preference is turned to composition: it is then used by a Japanese commercial radio to write the music of several spots.

At 27, he was hired at Square by Hironobu Sakaguchi, but after composing the music of some games on NES, the company found itself in great financial difficulty: Sakaguchi entrusted to him the composition of the game of last chance, Final Fantasy . His music is meant to be epic and orchestral in tone, although the low technology of the time allows only a minimalist result. Thanks to his unexpected success, Final Fantasy saves Square from the disappearance and gives rise to many suites whose music remains under the responsibility of Uematsu (although, since the FFX episode, Nobuo Uematsu takes more distance to deal with of his Black Mages band).

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