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Nocturnal rites

Nocturnal Rites is a Swedish power metal band from Umeå. Formed in 1990 by guitarist and singer Frederik Mannberg, the band recorded their first demo, The Obscure, in early 1991 with Frederik Mannberg singing. Since then, Nocturnal Rites has a total of eight studio albums.

In June 2008, guitarist Nils Norberg announces he is leaving the band. Having always made music and Nocturnal Rites his main priority in his life, Nils Norberg believes it is time for him to put the music in the background and devote more time to his family as well as to himself . A replacement was introduced in May 2010 in the person of Chris Rörland.

The band was formed in 1990 under the name of Necronomic playing heavy metal, as evidenced by their demo, The Obscure (1991). The demo attracts the interest of the labels, but the group does not conclude any contract and prefers to wait for a better opportunity. On their promo two titles, in 1992, their style evolves slightly in the Iron Maiden. the band originally includes Fredrik Mannberg (guitar, vocals) and Tommy Eriksson (drums), who will be recruiting bassist Nils Eriksson. In 1994, the band signed with the Swedish label Dark Age, and their first album In a Time of Blood and Fire was published in collaboration with Megarock Records in 1995. Subsequently, the guitarist Mikael Söderström decided to leave the band, and was replaced by Nils Norberg. Although substitute guitarist, Norberg endorses the solo guitar, and Mannberg switches to rhythm guitar. Their second album, Tales of Mystery and Imagination, was released in Japan in late 1997. It was released in Europe in March 1998 at Century Media. The band is touring Europe with Overkill and Angel Dust.

The third album, The Sacred Talisman , was released in 1999 and included a new drummer, Owe Lingvall, replacing Ulf Andersson who was injured in leg. The album reaches 83> place of Japanese rankings. Only two weeks after its release, the band plays in Europe with Nevermore, Morgana Lefay and Sacred Steel and participates in outdoor festivals like the Dynamo Festival in 1999. Then, Anders Zackrisson is replaced by the former singer of Mogg, Jonny Lindqvist. He attributes a different voice to their upcoming album, Afterlife , released in 2000. The band still plays in Europe with Iron Savior. The year 2004 saw the release of the album "New World Messiah", followed by a four-month tour with Edguy and Brainstorm. Two videos of the songs Awakening and Against the World are produced by drummer Owe Lingvall.

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