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NOFX (pronounced) is an American punk rock band from Los Angeles, California. He was trained in 1983 by Fat Mike, Erik Sandin and Eric Melvin in Los Angeles. NOFX is qualified by the alternative press of "the funniest group of rock and roll" . NOFX is inspired by American punk bands such as Ramones, Misfits, Bad Religion and Rich Kids on LSD.

The name of NOFX is inspired, by mocking the names of artificial groups, bombastic and pretentious often used at the time, of that of an ephemeral group of hardcore called Negative FX>, which had recorded only one album before separating.

Although three of NOFX's then teenage members were straight edge at the time, NOFX was never a straight-edge band and the X of the name does not refer to this movement. A popular rumor indeed that the name of NOFX is a kind of acronym for "No Fucking Straight Edge". Neither the group nor any reliable source confirm this version: it is not impossible that this legend comes from the fact that NOFX was soon to make fun of the straight edge movement and to make the apology, real or humorous, practices in complete opposition to the ethic straight edge (consumption of drugs and alcohol, apparent valuation of the sexual license ...). Another version of the origin of the name exists: NOFX would be an error of the printer, who instead of writing No Effects would have understood NOFX.

Originally, Eric Melvin was the singer of the group, but having trouble playing and singing at the same time, Fat Mike takes over. However, Eric Melvin sings on some songs and utters odd cries (the "mell yell" ). They made their first titles under the name NOFX in 1984 on Mystic Records. This is actually two EPs that were later collected on an album, by Mystic, without the advice of the musicians.

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