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Noise pollution

Noise Pollution is the second studio album of French melodic skate-punk band The Uncommonmenfrommars.

Recorded at Ryan Greene's San Francisco Motor Studios, and released in 2004, this disc appears to be already slower and slower than its predecessor, Vote For Me (2001). In fact, Vote For Me's "late-teen" atmosphere is giving way to darker, even more emotional songs. It is with this album that the group is finally exposed, in terms of sales and concerts, abroad. But their major, Wagram, will drag their feet, proposing Noise Pollution in Japan and Germany that one year after its release in France and refusing to finance the smallest concert of the group outside French borders. The combo will have to organize its international tours (including one in Australia in the first part of the Parisian Jetsex) itself. The title of the album is a tribute to AC / DC: it is a reference to the Rock'N Roll song Is not Noise Pollution.

This disc contains a CD-Rom / multimedia track featuring the You Can Be Evil clip and, like Vote For Me, the adventures of Uncos in the studio and in Frisco during the recording of the album.

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