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Obliveon is a Canadian thrash and death metal band from Montreal, Quebec. Their first album, entitled From this Day Forward , was released in 1990. It followed three years later, in 1993, with a second album, Nemesis , and again three years later, in 1996, of a third album entitled Cybervoid . In 1999 released their fourth album Carnivore Mothermouth before the group became inactive in 2002. It meets from time to time in concert, especially in 2007 and 2014.

The group was initially formed in January 1987 in Montreal, Quebec, under the name of Oblivion >>>. The group changes quickly for Obliveon, knowing that another group was already called Oblivion>. The name "Obliveon" would come from the cartoon The Transformers where a robot on the side of the wicked said "prepare for oblivion"> (literally "get ready for oblivion"). During his training, the group wrote their name Oblivion; translated from English, it means "forgetting". It was later that his members decided to spell it "Obliveon".

During his training, the group consists only of Martin Gagné and Stéphane Picard. Francis Giguère takes care of the battery. They publish an eponymous demo, followed by Whimsical Uproar in September the same year. They released another demo entitled Fiction of Veracity in 1989. In 1989, with the departure of Francis Giguère, Alain Demers and Pierre Rémillard joined the group. Their first album, entitled From this Day Forward , was released in 1990 as Active Records>. This one is followed by the album Nemesis in 1993 which did not have an official distribution. In 1994, Bruno Bernier joined Obliveon. It was in 2002 that the band broke up after a farewell concert given at the Weekend Extrême in Montreal.

Obliveon makes a return, the time of an evening, with Agony, Necrotic Mutation and Dementia as part of the 25th anniversary of metal in Quebec, which took place on August 31, 2007 at Club Soda in Montreal. Since then, the band has been performing a few concerts in various places. In 2014, the group meets at Amnesia Rockfest >>>.

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