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OK Go is an American rock band from Chicago and Washington DC.

He is known for the inventiveness and eccentricity of his often spectacular video clips. In the United States, it's the singles Get Over It, A Million Ways and Here It Goes Again that made their notoriety.

OK Go is formed in 1998. It is composed of Damian Kulash (singer and guitarist), Tim Nordwind (bass), Andy Duncan (guitar and keyboard) and Dan Konopka (drums). Damian and Tim are at the origin of the group. Indeed they met at a summer camp at 11 years old. It is from this colony that came the name of OK Go: one of their teachers often told them "Ok, ok, ok ... Go! ". Then they met Andy and Dan in high school to form OK Go . The name of the group is adopted in 1998>. The band is promoting posters for their first concerts for a year, sharing the stage with Elliott Smith, The self-produced group two EP, Brown EP (2000) and Pink EP (2001), which will later be included in their first album in February 2000 recorded with producer Dave Trumfio, as demos. These demos do not help to make a deal with a label, but draw the attention of the agent Frank Riley, who will offer them to play with They Might Be Giants, a relationship that will lead OK Go to other horizons >> >. OK Go members eventually leave for Los Angeles and New York, but their souls remain anchored in Chicago.

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