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Oomph! [ U ː M F ] , also typographed OOMPH! , is a German industrial metal band from Brunswick. Formed in 1989, the band sings in German and English, and the musical style, with strong martial accents, is an assembly of electric guitars, samples and electronics comparable to that played by other groups of the Neue Deutsche Härte>, the best known of which is Rammstein.

Oomph! Since its inception, it has consisted of three members, Crap (guitar and synthesizer), Dero (vocals, drums and composition) and Flux (guitar, sampler, synthesizer and bass). On stage, Dero sings while Crap and Flux play the guitar. Other people, more or less anonymous, officiate at their side, on drums and bass (are cited as live support on some albums: Leo on drums, Tobi or Hagen on bass).

In 1989, Crap and Dero, childhood friends, meet Flux in a regional rock festival. The current goes well and they decide to form a band with a music of their own. The group has a difficult start, as it struggles to find its audience; the trio mixes EBM style, metal and gothic music. This new blend is called Neue Deutsche Härte. These hard times of doubt allow the group to forge its personality and lay the foundation stones of the Oomph brand!

Oomph's musical style change! is made between their homonymous album, published in 1992, and his successor Sperm (1994), which turns towards heavy metal guitar accompanied by the group's electronic roots. Oomph! publishes his first album at Jor Jenka's Records Records label, which will release their other albums on his other label, Dynamica label. They associate with Jor, until the dissolution of his labels bought by Sanctuary Records around 1996 or 1997>.

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