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Osker was a punk rock and pop punk band from Los Angeles, California. Formed in 1998, he is led by singer and guitarist Devon Williams. The group split in 2002.

Osker is trained in Los Angeles, California. Singer and guitarist Devon Williams, born in 1982, was still in high school when the group was born, and was just 20 years old when they separated in 2002.

Signed at Epitaph, Osker released two studio albums in 2000 and 2001 that were landmark, according to critics. The first Treatment 5 offers a rather classic but solid punk sound, with lyrics focused on teen angst, but already very sarcastic and full of scorn and anger, but also sincerity, Devon being particularly known for its franchise >>>>>. The group's tendency to insult the public during its concerts and to publish on its website diatribes on various topics in addition to that, Osker quickly earned the reputation of being the most nasty punk band and the most hated of Epitaph>. Devon does not look for excuses or loopholes, he says what he thinks without worrying about the consequences.

In 2001, Osker again collaborates with producer Mike Trujillo for what turns out to be their second and last album Idle Will Kill, with lyrics still so cynical and angry. The melodies take their distance from the traditional punk sound and, with hindsight, can appear today as a first step towards the sound of the new group of Devon (and in which Dave plays), Fingers-Cut, Megamachine. It was thanks to Mike, to whom Devon had sent a demo to get a simple notice, that Osker had the opportunity to sign at Epitaph. Devon and Dave drop the group in February 2002>. After the departure of Phil Drazik, who now plays in the hardcore band End on End>, Osker knows a succession of drummers without ever getting to have a stable training.

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